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    1. Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences

      We are leaders in cardiovascular research, including atrial fibrillation and heart failure, thrombosis/thrombo-inflammation and vascular biology.

      Research areas

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      Birmingham Heroes: Professor Paulus Kirchhof talks atrial fibrillation

      Cardiovascular Research with Professor Jon Deeks and Dr Winnie Chua

      Cardiovascular Research with Dr Victoria Stoll and Mr Nigel Drury

      Cardiovascular Research with Professor Ed Rainger and Dr’s Asif Iqbal and Myriam Chimen

      Cardiovascular Research with Professor Steve Watson

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      Latest News

      Posted 18 April 2019

      Birmingham haematologist awarded Researcher of the Year

      Dr Phillip Nicolson, Clinical Lecturer in the Institute, has recently been announced as a recipient of the 2019 National Institute of Health Research/British Society for Haematology Researcher of the Year Award.

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