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    1. Institute of Clinical Sciences

      We perform world-leading, multidisciplinary research that equips the next generation of healthcare leaders with knowledge, skills and attributes.

      Research themes

      • Discovery and Translational Science

        Fundamental research into the causes, mechanisms, prevention, diagnosis and therapeutic management of common human diseases and conditions.

      • Next Generation Biotechnology

        Research that takes our fundamental discovery science through clinical trials/evaluations and drives innovation in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the human condition.

      • Health Science and Societal Care

        Global research into disease patterns, social beliefs and behaviours that impact upon health and wellbeing at societal and individual levels.

      • Healthcare and Biomedical Education

        Research that reflects the healthcare education that professionals and practitioners need to provide safe and effective care to patients and health service providers.

        Within the Institute

      • Birmingham Medical School

        Birmingham Medical School became part of the University of Birmingham in 1900. Our staff and students have immeasurably benefitted human health through their innovations in medical practice and research since this date.

      • School of Biomedical Sciences

        For over 20 years the School of Biomedical Sciences has offered undergraduate and postgraduate students the chance to learn and work alongside researchers at the forefront of their field.

      • School of Dentistry

        The School of Dentistry is a place for leading scientists, professionals and students who want to be involved in world-class research, or achieve a degree in the dental and biomaterials professions.

      • School of Nursing

        We were one of the first universities to offer nursing degrees in 1989 and since then we have launched over 2000 graduates into a highly rewarding career in nursing.

      • School of Pharmacy

        Our taught programmes are underpinned by cutting edge research, allowing us to equip our students for a career on the front line of the healthcare system.

      • College of Medical and Dental Sciences Graduate School

        Postgraduate students are immersed in a world of discovery and opportunity with access to a wide variety of academic programs at the Graduate School.