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    1. Institute of Inflammation and Ageing

      From basic science to clinical trials, we cover every aspect of research into inflammation, the role it plays in ageing and the response to trauma.

      • Acute Care Research

        Providing evidence based management of acute illness across the life-course and specialties

      • Ageing and Trauma

        Understanding the mechanisms that underlie the loss of immune function or musculoskeletal health and use this knowledge to develop interventions.

      • Neuroscience, Trauma and Ophthalmology

        Development of novel strategies, tools, diagnostics and technologies focussed on inflammation, scarring, regeneration and repair.

      • Rheumatology

        Research focussed on inflammatory rheumatic diseases; in particular the pathobiology, comorbidity and patient reported outcomes.

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      Latest news

      Posted 10 July 2019

      Light touch to improve rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis

      A new way of detecting rheumatoid arthritis using infrared light could offer an objective way of diagnosing the disease and monitoring treatment effectiveness, a University of Birmingham study shows.

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